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Oklahoma #2 Patio Stone

1”-2” - $300 per pallet (1.5 ton)

Stand up Slabs - $595 per pallet or $75 per piece

Stand up Slabs - $595 per pallet or $75 per piece

Stand up Slabs - $595 per pallet or $75 per piece

Oklahoma Patio Stone 1” - $300 per pallet

Chopped Stone (6” or 8”) - $300 per pallet

Buff Patio Stone - $325 per pallet or White Patio Stone - $300 per pallet

Moss Boulders - $250 per pallet

Moss Boulder - $175-250



Flagstone is a durable stone that forms  thin 1"-2" layers that are perfect for creating patios, walkways, pool decks, stepping stones, steps, wall caps, fireplaces, and columns.



These rocks make a great addition to accent any landscape.  The range in sizes and shape of these boulders are endless, each one is unique.


Chopped Stone

Commonly used for edging flowerbeds but also used for outdoor kitchens, walls, etc.

Red Lava Rock - $0.80/pound

Black Lava Rock - $0.80/pound

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Black Mexican Beach Pebbles - $625/ton    -    31¢/pound

$20/5 gallon bucket

White Tumbled Marble -

$625/ton     -    31¢/pound

$20/5 gallon bucket



Image-1 Image-2 Image-3 Lava-rock-Black Lava-Rock-REd Black Mexican Beach Pebble 2 Tumbled Marble